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From 13 to 15 July, within the framework of the 2nd Operetta-Park festival, in the open air, in the picturesque scenery of the Gatchina Palace and the park, two musical fantasies based on the famous operettas and a gala concert will be shown. Spectators are waiting for a meeting with the mischievous Soviet comedy "Womanish revolt" by Evgeny Ptichkin staged by People's Artist of Russia Yuri Laptev and the immortal "Silva" Imre Kalman in the version of Anna Osipenko. The festival will be followed by an international gala concert with the participation of leading soloists of the Theater of Musical Comedy and Artists of European Theaters accompanied by an orchestra under the direction of Honored Artist of Russia Andrei Alekseev. And in the final, the sky over the palace will be decorated with a festive fireworks display.

A team of almost three hundred people, four stage platforms, seven and a half thousand seats and three operetta evenings - this was in short the first festival "Operetta Park", held in Gatchina last summer. According to the media, joint efforts of the theater and the museum "managed to create a remarkable event, unique in its entourage and atmosphere." The audience voted unequivocally "yes" for the continuation of the festival. And the next summer on the Silver Meadow will be the second operetta festival.

The performances of the festival are recommended for family viewing. The length of the theatrical performance will not be more than two hours and it will be quite possible even for the youngest spectators.
The best time to visit is to plan for the whole day: starting with the inspection of the Gatchina Palace, you can go to the shady alleys of the beautiful palace park, and closer to the evening take places in the spectators' stands that will be installed on the Silver meadow. It's not superfluous to take a raincoat with you.

Spectator places at the festival are located on the principle of an amphitheater in specially equipped stands. The action on scenic stages is accompanied by a broadcast on large screens installed on both sides of the main stage. Unlike stationary theatrical performances, at all shows of the festival photo and video shooting is allowed. Moreover, following the example of last year's first festival, in 2018, interactive zones will also be provided before the entrance to the spectators' club so that everyone can be photographed for memory.

Organizers are sure: in the course of numerous summer festivals, Operetta-Park has no analogues both in scale and originality of the stage decision. Do not miss!

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