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November 4 at the Moscow Academic Musical Theatre named after KS Stanislavsky and Vl.I. Nemirovich-Danchenko gala concert ended with the first festival of musical theater Russia "see music." The festival was initiated by the Association of Russian musical theater and was held in Moscow from 27 September to 4 November 2016. For six weeks the capital has been shown to the public for more than 30 productions from all over the country.

The program of the final gala concert, which is an exciting evening for the audience and theatrical celebration of genuine brotherhood for professionals included the fragments of performances of different styles and genres. The favorite of all the famous scenes from operas and ballets, musicals and operettas met soloists, sometimes located thousands of kilometers from each other.

The culmination of the evening was the presentation of "Legend" Award to outstanding musical theater, whose names are inscribed in golden letters in its history of the world.

President of the Association - the artistic director of the State Academic Children's Musical Theatre of Natalia Sats George Isahakyan: "Prize" LEGEND "is our nod to those who dedicated his life to musical theater. Our thanks to them. The symbol of our love and admiration for those who have a lifetime we learn, with whom we argue who adore. They, the artists, whose life is in art inspires us to reach for the stars, we are talking today to thunderous applause: "You - Legend".

Congratulations Zoe Akimovna Vinogradov well-deserved award!