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Based on the results of the jury work, awards were given to the performers of the role of the pirate Jenny and the role of Doctor Livesey in Maxim Koshevarov musical "Treasure Island" Aliya Agadilova and Alexander Lenogov.

The musical for family audiences, which premiered on the big stage of the theater on December 15, 2023, not only pleased all fans of adventure literature with a meeting with the wonderful heroes of R. Stevenson. Thanks to the bright and imaginative music and imagination of the authors, the performance gave the opportunity to all romantics in love with the sea to dream of distant journeys and plunge headlong into dangerous and incredibly interesting adventures.

The next performances of the play will take place on May 4 and 5 and this is your unique chance to climb with the characters on the famous “Hispaniola” and at the command “Raise the sails!” go towards the unknown.