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On June 20, the leading soloist of the troupe - laureate of the international competition Natalya Savchenko will celebrate her first creative anniversary with the concert "Dunaevsky Gala, or Soviet Mozart": 10 years on the stage of the Musical Comedy Theater.

The actress made her debut at the Musical Comedy Theater in 2010, playing the role of Valentina in Franz Lehár's operetta The Merry Widow. By this time, a recent graduate of the St. Petersburg Conservatory named after N.A. Rimsky-Korsakov's academic vocal class Natalya Savchenko was already an active performing artist with an extensive concert repertoire and work experience on European stages. Participation in 2011 in the international competition "Operetta Land" in Moscow brought her first prize. Soon, the main roles in the current productions of the theater began to appear in the actress's repertoire.

Theodora in “Mister X”, Ninon in “Violet of Montmartre”, Maritza in “Countess Maritza” by Imre Kalman - the “star” heroines of classical operetta have acquired new characteristic features in the performance of Natalia Savchenko, received the softness and femininity inherent in the actress, democracy and the charm of simplicity. The actress performed masterly the most difficult vocal parts of Angel and Lisa in the operettas of the outstanding composer Franz Lehár "Count Luxembourg" and "Land of Smiles", gaining success not only among the St. Petersburg audience, but also on tour in other cities of Russia. The premiere of F. Lehar's operetta "The Merry Widow" brought another major role to the artist's portfolio - the mischievous and cheerful Hannah Glavari. And just presented to the audience, Legar's "Frasquita" demonstrated the vocal talent of the actress in all her strength and beauty, because the title role in this operetta is rightfully considered one of the most difficult.

The excellent vocal and external data of the actress rightfully brought N. Savchenko into the number of prima donnas of the genre, but the actress is alien to the "star" coldness and aloofness. To her heroines, she conveys her inherent ironic view of the world, and the depth of feelings, and her own sensitivity.

Natalia Savchenko's vocal and acting skills are far from being exhausted by the classical repertoire, which the artist has successfully mastered over the ten years spent on the theater stage. The heroine of the upcoming evening has long signed her love for the music of Soviet composers. That is why the concert program “Dunaevsky-gala, or“ Soviet Mozart ”was chosen for the anniversary evening. The cheerful and cheerful music of the Soviet classic perfectly suited the artist's voice and fit her temperament. The concert program includes numbers from I. Dunaevsky's operettas "Grooms", "The Way to Happiness", "Free Wind", "White Acacia" and others. Main female parts in the program will be performed by Natalia Savchenko. The soloists of the troupe will become partners of the artist, the performance of ballet dancers will decorate the evening.

Conductor - Honored Artist of Russia Andrei Alekseev.

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