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RETURN of the musical "Tanz der Vampire"

In combination with the ironic author's view of the romantic flora surrounding the vampire sagas, which became popular at the turn of the millennium, the production quickly entered the repertoire leaders of the Theater of Musical Comedy. The performance was the most expensive (1.5 million euros) and the most successful (three Golden Masks, Golden Sofit, the Musical Heart of the Theater Prize, the St. Petersburg Government Prize for literature, art and architecture in 2011) staging in the history of the theater. On the initiative of the general director of the theater Yuri Schwarzkopf, who acted as the producer of the project, an agreement was concluded with the VBW corporation on the right to display "Vampires" in St. Petersburg. The agreement was repeatedly prolonged, because the spectator interest did not decrease during three seasons of hire. The return of the musical in 2016 made it possible to join the vampire fairy tale even more spectators. Having sold out a 40-day marathon in St. Petersburg, the performance almost nine months moved to the MDM stage in Moscow. But this was not enough for the fans of the best-selling musical.

By popular demand in the season 2017-2018. the show will return!

The international team, headed by director Cornelius Baltus (Holland), in the course of the new castings, determined the new line-up of the performers of the roles of Sarah and Alfred, as well as the ensemble artists. And very soon on the stage of musical comedy together with the favorite soloists who became real stars of the genre thanks to their participation in the "Tanz der Vampire", new blood will flow in: the already familiar to the regular theater audience and completely new vocalists. But that's not all: the musical comedy prepares surprises for its viewers. It is no coincidence that during the last season the world stars of the musical genre rose on the stage of the Italian Street, taking part in joint concerts with Russian actors.

To date, the theater has reached an agreement on participation in the production of Thomas Borchert (Germany) and Mark Seibert (Germany). The superstars of the German stage and the active participants of the "Tanz der Vampire", which is going on stage today at the Ronacher Theater (Vienna), will take part in the performances together with Russian actors.

Count von Krolok - Ivan Ozhogin, Mark Seibert, Thomas Borchert, Alexander Sukhanov, Fedor Osipov

Sarah - Alexandra Kasparova, Elena Bakhtiyarova, Vera Sveshnikova

Alfred - Ruslan Davidenko, Sergey Denisov, Alexander Kazmin

Professor - Andrey Matveev, Sergei Sorokin

Herbert - Kirill Gordeev, Rostislav Kolpakov, Anton Avdeev

Chagall - Oleg Krasovitsky, Alexander Sukhanov

Rebecca - Manana Gogitidze, Daria Kozhina

Magda - Natalia Dievskaya, Agata Vavilova, Anna Tess

Kukol - Anton Moshechkov, Sergey Sorokin

Doublers (ballet) - Denis Aliev (Krolok, Professor), Amarbi Tzikushev (Krolok, Professor), Irina Satyukova (Sarah), Natalia Burtasova (Sarah), Denis Aizin (Alfred)

Nightmare solo - Andrey Suntsov, Sergey Denisov, Anton Avdeev, Sergey Sorokin

The female ensemble -  Anna Pozdnyakova, Simran Arora, Anna Tess, Aniya Agibayeva, Daria Kozhina, Evgeniya Vorobyeva (swing), Maria Rechavskaya (swing)

The male ensemble - Andrey Suntsov, Sergey Denisov, Eldar Dzhemilev, Vasily Glukhov, Marat Ramov, Anton Avdeev (swing), Sergey Sorokin (swing)

Female ballet - Natalia Solomatina, Natalia Burtasova, Maria Vasilchenko, Irina Satyukova, Victoria Vyatkina, Marina Krasnoyarskaya (swing), Evgenia Dementieva (swing)

Male ballet - Amarbi Tzikushev (soloist of the "Red Boots"), Denis Aliev (soloist of the "Red Boots"), Denis Aizin, Egor Nadein, Anton Plavsky, Alexander Kanev (swing), Ivan Dremin (swing)

In the days of the musical featuring foreign soloists, the performance will be accompanied by a simultaneous translation (a running line).

The permanent conductor and musical director of the most high-profile theater projects in the musical genre Alexey Nefyodov.

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