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Romanovsky Vladimir Valentinovich
chief ballet-master

Was born in village Annensky most in the region of Vologodskaya oblast. In 1991 he arrived in Leningrad and entered in Culture and Arts University. At the same time he worked as artist of ballet in folklore company “Skomorokhy”. In 1995 he entered ballet-master department of Saint-Petersburg conservatory named after N.A. Rimsky-Korsakov (class by V.A. Smirnov). In 2000 he graduated from conservatory with excellent marks diploma. Later on he staged performances and concert numbers in theatre “Na Liteynom”, Mariinsky Theatre, private ballet schools in Austria, Latvia, Poland and Cyprus. In 2006 he worked in the appointment of chief ballet-master in Krasnoyarsk theatre of musical comedy. Since 2007 he is the chief ballet-master of Saint-Petersburg “Music-Hall”.

First acquaintance of theatre company with Vladimir Romanovsky happened in 2008 when he with great success has debuted as choreographer in staging of operetta by Karl Zeller: “The Birds Seller”. In November 2009 management of Saint-Petersburg theatre of musical comedy has invited Vladimir Romanovsky for the appointment of chief ballet-master. As a choreographer, staged dances to the operetta "The Bondmaid" by N. Strelnikov, "Womanish revolt" by E. Ptichkin, "Grooms" by Dunayevsky, "Summer of Love" by L. Lajtai.

In 2014 he was awarded the Prize of the Government of the Republic of Komi in the field of culture.