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Saint-Petersburg theatre of Musical comedy by right is proud of brilliant masters of genre performing on its stage in 30th -60th years of last century. There were the most popular artists – N. Yanet, A. Korolykevich, E. Mikhalov, V. Svidersky, A. Orlov, I. Kedrov, L. Kolesnikova, N. Boldyreva, L. Tagaskaya, Z. Rogozikova, A. Voronina, Z. Emelyanova, G. Bogdanova-Chesnokova and others.

Later in end of XX – beginning of XXI century embellishment of the stage were unfortunately already gone – L. Petropavlovsky, V. Lilikin, I. Sorkin, P. Banshikova, L. Ermakova, L. Fedotova, A. Shargorodsky, V. Timoshin, E. Polosina, A. Araratyan, V. Kopylov.
And nowadays company of theatre is one of the best in Russia. It was recognized by many foreign directors staging new productions on our stage for almost three years that many artists of theatre of Musical comedy company are satisfy the European level of aсting performing.

Company is proud that on their stage are performing such famous artists of Russia as Z. Vinogradova, V. Vasilyeva, V. Krivonos. They carefully save traditions of theatre and pass their rich experience to other generations of artists.

More detailed with company of the theatre you can get acquainted on the pages of our web-site.