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Yakovlev Vladimir
National artist of Russia

Vladimir Yakovlev was born in the village Mamakan of Bodaybinsky district, Irkutskaya Oblast.

In 1968 the Irkutsk Theatre of Musical Comedy came to Bodaybo to play «The Circus Princess». At the time V.A. Yakovlev never imagined that a few years later he will be а sceneshifter, then artist of chorus and later a leading actor of the theater.

In 1996 he was awarded with the title «Honored artist of Russia», in 2004 – «National artist of Russia».

In October 2011 V.A. Yakovlev made his debut in the role of Ronsdorf in operetta «Silvia» by I. Kalman on the stage of Saint-Petersburg state theatre of Musical comedy. Today, the repertoire of the artist includes: Malomsegi («Baroness Lili» J. Huszka), Pelican, Gaston and Pisquatschec («Mister X» and «The Violet of Montmartre» I.Kalman), Prince («The Count of Luxembourg» by F. Lehar), Marepa («Madame de Pompadour» by L. Fall), Frosch («The Bat» by J. Strauss), Jules («Ten brides and no groom» by F. Zuppe), Filat Ignatich («Grooms» by I. Dunaevsky), Old actor extras and Judge Apfelbaum ("Hollywood diva"), Trafina ("Summer of love" by L.Lajtai).

In 2013 for part of Prince in operetta by F. Lehar «The Count of Luxembourg» he was given the Highest theatre Saint-Petersburg award «Golden Sofit» in nomination «Best male part in operetta».