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Sadkov Vladimir
Laureate of International competition

He was born in the village Nozhkino in Petrovsky district of the Saratov region, in 2004 graduated from the Saratov Agricultural University n.a. N.I.Vavilov as an engineer-economist. In the same year he entered Saratov Conservatory n.a. L.V. Sobinov, which he graduated in 2009, majoring in "The Actor of musical theater" (class of Associate Professor O.A. Grechina, workshop by People's Artist of Russia V.Z. Fedoseyev). In the same year he was invited to the Sverdlovsk State Academic Theatre of Musical Comedy.

His repertoire includes the following roles: Carlino "The Boorish Singers" by V. Fiorovanti), Yuri ("Maiden Trouble" by Y. Milutin), Edwin, Gaston, Tony, Sandor ("Silva", "The Gypsy Band Leader", "The Circus Princess", "The Duchess from Chicago" by I. Kalman), Piquillo, Safir ("Perichole", "Bluebeard" by J. Offenbach), Jack ("Hello, I'm Your Aunt" by O. Felzman), Duremar ("Buratino" by A. Rybnikov),  Prosecutor and Chief of Police ("Dead Souls" by A. Pantykin), Zubov and Courtier ("Catherine the Great " by S. Dreznin). 

In 2010 he won the International Competition for Young Artists of Operetta and Musical named after V. Kurochkin.

Since the autumn of 2012 he has working in the company of St. Petersburg Theatre of Musical Comedy, where 18 October, 2012 he debuted in the part of Edwin in operetta "Silva" by I. Kalman. The he performed the part of Stanislav ("The Bird Seller"  K. Zeller), Villy ("Spring Parade" by R. Stolz), Paris ("Ten brides and no groom" by F. Zuppe).

Today in the repertoire of the artist: Brissard ("The Count of Luxembourg" by F. Lehar), Henry von Eisenstein and Joseph ("The Bat" and "Viennese Blood"  by J. Strauss), Zhundrikov ("Grooms" by I. Dunayevsky), Sir Archibald Proops ("Jekyll & Hyde" by F. Wildhorn), Vizier and The owner of the circus ("Once upon a New Year's eve"), Nikolenka Ableukhov («Bely. Petersburg.» by G. Firtich), Filipp ( “Bayader” by I. Kalman), Mercury  ("Orpheus in the Underworld" by J. Offenbach), Bon Vivant ("Cabaret for gourmets").

In 2017 for part of Mercury in the operetta "Orpheus in the Underworld" he was given the Highest theatre Saint-Petersburg award "Golden Sofit" in nomination "Best male part in operetta and musical".