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Petrov Dmitry

Born in Pskov. In 1999 he graduated Saint-Petersburg state theatre arts academy (department of drama theatre and cinema actors, pedagogues – A. Kunitzin and G. Barisheva). Being a student of the last course he was participating in performances for children of Saint-Petersburg theatre of Musical comedy, where he was invited after graduating the academy. He performed following parts: Zhiharev and Mityay («The Bondmaid» N. Strelnikov), participant in the show «Cabaret at the Italian street», Bondy («The Duchess from Chicago» I. Kalman), Mr. Sowerberry («Oliver!» by L. Bart), Amos Hart («Chicago» J. Kander).

Today his repertoire includes: Bonny, Toni, Sapari and Deva, Kudelka and Henri Murger («Silvia», «Mister X», «Bayader», «Countess Maritza» and «The Violet of Montmartre» I. Kalman), Sen-Brioche («The Merry Widow» F. Lehar), 9 characters («Baroness Lili» J. Huszka), Levsha and Skomorokh («Levsha» V. Dmitriev), Jack Cuper («Kiss me, Kate!» C. Porter), Semka («Womanish revolt» E. Ptichkin), Tolya-sailor («Sevastopol waltz» K. Listov), Mack Sennet («Chaplin» by C. Curtis), Efim Isayevich («Grooms» by I. Dunaevsky), Stage Director & Inspector Morton, Composer & Clark, Gloria's chauffeur ("Hollywood diva"), Spider and Bishop of Basingstoke ("Jekyll & Hyde" by F. Wildhorn), Policeman («Bely. Petersburg.» by G. Firtich).

In May 2010 he has got Special Prize of the jury of International vocal competition n.a. F. Lehar (Slovakia). In February 2013 he became a laureate of the International Competition «World of Music».