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Korytov Ivan

He was born in Bratsk. In 1998 he graduated from department of actors of theatre of musical comedy (class of the honored artist of Russia V.A. Vavilov) of Krasnoyarsk college of arts.

From 1994 he was invited to Krasnoyarsk theatre of musical comedy on which stage he performed in such performances as: “Two maples” by V. Pleshak (Brother), “The Centerville ghost” by V. Pleshak (Ghost), “Moldavian-Moldavian” by A. Zhurbin (messier Boyarskiy), “Countess Maritza” by I. Kalman (Zsupán), “The Red apple” by J. Offenbach (Gustav).

In 2000 for performing of the part of Osip in the performance “Incognito from Saint-Petersburg” by V. Pleshak was awarded with the highest theatre prize of Russia “The golden mask” in the nomination “The best male part”.

From 2004 worked in Saint-Petersburg in the troupe of children musical theatre “Zazerkalie” where performed part of Alfred in the operetta by J. Strauss “The Bat”.

In 2006 was invited to Saint-Petersburg state theatre of Musical comedy, on which stage he made his debut in the part of St-Poten in musical by V. Lebedeva “My dear friend!” Then he performed the parts of Lefthander («Lefthander» by V. Dmitriev), Bill Calhoun («Kiss me, Kate!» C. Porter).

Nowadays in the repertoire of the artist there are following parts: St Brioche («The Merry Widow» by F. Lehar), Boni, Sapari, Zupan and Florimond («Silva», «Bayader», «Countess Maritza» and «The Violet of Montmartre» by I. Kalman), Fredi («Baroness Lili» by I. Huszka), Poulard («Madame Pompadour» by L. Fall), Rahmet («Sevastopol waltz» K. Listov), Orlovsky and Count Bitovski («The Bat» and «Viennese Blood» by J. Strauss), Grand-dad Zakhar («Womanish revolt» by E. Ptichkin), Production manager Charly and Lawyer Peppermint ("Hollywood diva"), Lord Savage ("Jekyll & Hyde" by F. Wildhorn), Stunt Man ("Once upon a New Year's eve"), Driver-dandy and Ferdyshchenko («Bely. Petersburg.» by G. Firtich).