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Golovkin Vitaliy

Was born in Gatchina. He has been studying music and dances since childhood.

Upon the termination of choral school at the state academic Capella (a course of choral conducting), in 2000 he has entered in the Saint-Petersburg Theatre Arts Academy, department of artists of musical theatre (the class of A.A.Belinskiy). Being a student, he has already taken part in performances of Saint-Petersburg state theatre of Musical comedy, playing following roles: the Fox, the Leader of rats, the Cat ("The trip of Nils with the wild geese" V. Shainskiy), Ben ("The Adventures of Tom Sawyer" S. Banevich), Battelgheim and Cavalier («The Queen of a czardas» and "Mister X" I. Kalman), Moris («Ball in Savoy» P.Abraham), participated in ensemble («I don’t know such country like this…» M.Aptekman).

In 2006 V.V.Golovkin entered in chorus of Saint-Petersburg theatre of musical comedy and continued to participate in the above-stated performances. He also played new roles: the Singer ("Truffaldino" A.Kolker), Paul («Viennese meetings» I.Strauss), Ledol («Oh, Dear Friend!» V.Lebedev), Miss Sunshine (“Chicago” by J. Kander), the participant of the program «Cabaret on Italyanskaya», Sasha («The Duchess from Chicago» I.Kalman). In 2005-2007 he taught the vocal ensemble in the Saint-Petersburg Theatre Arts Academy. In 2007, simultaneously with work at theatre of the Musical comedy, he has been invited to participation in several performances of "Rock opera" theatre.

In 2010 V. Golovkin was moved to soloists company of theater of the Musical comedy. Today his repertoire includes: the Cock ("Teremok" A.Kulygin), Peter and Nagely («The Bird Seller» C. Zeller), the Secretary, Tony and Cavalier, Kiss ("Bayader", "Mister X" and "Silvia" I.Kalman), Tom, Gek and Ben ("The Adventures of Tom Sawyer" S. Banevich), Kolin («The Secret garden» S.Banevich), Michael («Kiss me, Kate!» K.Porter), Skomorokh ("Levsha" V.Dmitriev), Pavlo («Sevastopol waltz» K.Listov), the first Cossack («Womanish revolt» E.Ptichkin), participant of ensemble («Dance of Vampires» J. Steinman), Husband ("Shoo!" Y. Dubravin), Guard ("Aladdin" A. Menken), Adviser ("The Count of Luxembourg" by F. Lehar), participant of ensemble ("Jekyll & Hyde" by F. Wildhorn), Waiter («Viennese Blood» by J. Strauss), Militant Revolutionary, Tracker, Nicholas II («Bely. Petersburg.» by G. Firtich).Ermolay ("Grooms" by I. Dunaevsky).