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Kim Darya

Has been engaged in pop vocal since the age of 7. He is a laureate of numerous international competitions and festivals.

Finalist of the National Qualifying Tour (Russia) "Junior Eurovision 2015". Participant of the reality show "Battle of Talents" on the MUZ-TV channel.

Laureate of the Prize "20 Successful Children of St. Petersburg", "Sochi-Fest 2015" - an international competition led by Bedros Kirkorov (Laureate of the 1st degree). "Star Children-2015" international musical project "Vocal Country" (the author's song "Fly" was included in the disc of 55 hits of the modern children's stage). International Competition "Your Time" - 2015; Producer Center "Wind of Change", "Radio Voices of the Planet" (1st degree laureate, in the nomination "Best performer of a foreign hit and author's song").

Presenter of the author's program "Fashion menu", host of 3 seasons of the superproject "Top model in a childlike way". Participant of projects from the Igor Krutoy Academy of Popular Music in Moscow: "Hot Ten" (Carousel channel), "Children's New Wave". Was included in the catalog of the magazine I sing "The Best Young Vocalists of Russia 2015", as well as in the heading "Face of the City".

She has been cooperating with the St. Petersburg State Theater of Musical Comedy since 2020.

Roles played on the stage of the theater:

  • Kim - "Miss Saigon"
  • Participant of the concert "Hits from Broadway and the whole world..."
  • Valentina - Musical "The Count of Monte Cristo"