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The whole history of Theatre of Musical comedy is inseparably linked with St.-Petersburg. And theatre is situated on one of the most beautiful and oldest St.-Petersburg squares – Arts square that was created by genius of Italian architect Carlo Rossi, theatre adjoins with Philharmonic named after D.D. Shostakovich, Grand-Hotel “Europe”, museum of artist I. Brodsky, theatre of opera and ballet named after M.P. Musorgsky, Russian Museum and Museum of ethnography.

Date of theatre birth is 17th of September of 1929, in that day two united operetta companies – Theatres of Musical comedy from Kharkov and Leningrad presented on its stage one of the first Soviet operetta. It was “Holopka” N. Strelnikov. During that time theatre worked in Alexandrovsky Garden in the building of state Peoples House. In palace on Italyanskaya street company moved in 1938, left the building of “Music-Hall”, it’s interesting that company of “Music-Hall” moved to Alexandrovsky Garden and still works till now in building of Peoples House.

During years of great Patriotic war theatre and its company showed unprecedented heroism and courage working in besieged city all 900 days of blockade. Light and merry genre of operetta presented citizens and front-line soldiers minutes of rest and oblivion, and belief in approaching victory.

Recently theatre came back to its building after thorough repairs. Company has big and various plans, and as well wish to keep love and interest of Saint-Petersburg audience.

More detailed history of theatre you can get to know on pages of our web-site.