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Performance for children
Musical for children in two acts by Jakov Dubravin ()
Opening night of the performance took place on 1st of February 2013
The performance is recommended for viewers aged 6 and above
Studio stage
04 January 2022, Tuesday, 11:30

Musical fairytale "Shoo! Or stories of cat Philothey" was created in the 80's of the last century, by the Leningrad composer Jakov Dubravin on play by Valery Zimin and poems of Victor Gin.
This is famous musical tale is interesting for adults and children for many years.  This is a performance-parable about the homeless cats and cats abandoned by their owners or abandoned in the cold. But devotees animals still waiting for them, and believe that the owner must exist, and each of them will have a home, where it will be warm and cozy. "How good that you need someone, It's good that you made ??friends with the dream as well, you have in the heart the cheerful light of goodness" - so says to kittens the wise cat Philothey.
Along with the professional actors of the theatre of musical comedy in the play involved very young children.

Staging group:

Libretto  -  Valery Zimin
Lyrics - Victor Gin
Stage Director - Anastasia Udalova
Musical leader and conductor  - Honored Artist of Russia Andrey Alekseev
Stage designer - Anna Zak
Choreographer - Anna Antipova
Choirmaster - Oksana Tufanova

Characters and Performers:


Dmitry Petrov
laureate of International competition

Alexander Shaporov


Tatiana Veremey 

Tatyana Taranetz
laureate of International competition,
laureate of "Golden Sofit" Award


Anastasia Loshakova

laureate of International competition

Aunt Shura

Vera Vasilyeva 

National  artist of Russia

Elena Zabrodina

honoured artist of Russia


Valery Matveev
national artist of Russia

Pavel Grigoryev


Sergey Braga
laureate the International Competition

Vitaly Golovkin



Anastasia Loshakova

laureate of International competition


Tatiana Vasilyeva

honoured actress of Russia

Valentina Kosobutskaya
honoured actress of Russia
laureate of "Golden sofit" and "Golden mask" awards

Valentina Sviridova

honoured actress of Russia


Tatiana Veremey 

Tatyana Taranetz
laureate of International competition,
laureate of "Golden Sofit" Award


Funtik -

Serafima Vinogradskaya

Maria Nestorovich 

Pluto -

Innocentiy Bobrov

Anton Polienko

Fedor Sokolov 

Murzik -

Platon Belkin

Dmitry Semenov 

Anfisa -

Evdokia Malevskaya

Elena Sidor

Maria Epstein 

Ophelia -

Maria Polienko

Nadezhda Epstein 

Afelia -

Varvara Eremina

Ulyana Kotenko 

Kisa -

Diana Denisova

Varvara Eremina 

Klyopa -

Marina Zhokhova

Sonia Nestorovich

Murka -

Maria Volosataya

Valentina Sotskova

Nadezhda Epstein

Hercules -

Maxim Bobrov

Theodor Katilov 

Chernysh -

Maxim Kuznetsov

Semyon Levin 

Malpush -

Serafima Vinogradskaya

Maria Volosataya

Egorka -

Theodor Katilov

Semyon Levin 

Non-achiever -

Vasily Babushkin

Igor Semenov

Egor Fomenko 

Nastya -

Veronika Bogatyreva

Tatiana Ozhogina

Anastasia Tzurcan

Zinka -

Ekaterina Andreeva

Elizaveta Popova

Angelina Rzhevkina 

Little granddaughter -

Polina Gibadullina

Sofya Lovchikova 

Baby -

Seva Klimenok

Savva Menshikov

Vladik Frolov

New kittens -

Makar Dmitriev

Alexandra Kucherenko

Anastasia Medvedeva

Roman Mezhov

Valeriya Mezhova

Maroussia Mozhukhina

Alexandra Ozhogina

Alexandra Semenova

Ekaterina Seregina

Vera Simakova

Victoria Suzdaleva

Polina Tochilkina

Sofia Uzkaya

Emilia Filippova 

Backing vocal -

Evgenia Bordovskaya

Olga Kiseleva

Arina Kukushkina

Adeline Lvova

Ekaterina Melnik

Yevgenia Mitina

Daria Mozhukhina

Angelina Rzhevkina and others.

In other roles, artists of the St. Petersburg Music and Drama Theater "Blue Bird"

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