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Viennese Blood

Operetta in three acts by Johann Strauss ()
Opening night of the performance took place on 19th of June 2015
The performance is recommended for viewers aged 16 and above
Big stage
12 December 2021, Sunday, 19:00

Nearest performances:
30 November 2021 (TUE), 19:00
12 December 2021 (SUN), 19:00buy tickets

Stage Director Igor Konyaev: "Operetta - is always a holiday, especially if it is an operetta by Johann Strauss. It so happened that the "Viennese Blood" was never been played in Russian, so it is very curious. It's nice to feel like a pioneer - to do what to you has not been done.

This project has been prepared for a long time. The original libretto had significantly reworked, as events occurring on related to the grand historical phenomenon: the Congress of Vienna 1814-1815's, which was a "redistribution" of the world after the defeat of Napoleon. In our performance we decided to completely abandon the historical allusions and write modern history. Political acuity and pamphleteering spirit of the new pieces related to the current policies, rather than historical. But do not worry - it's not a talk show. This story is not about how to divide the world politics but how they arrange their personal lives.

Funny story that we wrote together with Semyon Altov and Victor Krivonos will in no way burden the mind and soul of our viewers. The main thing in it - the Viennese waltz. So in St. Petersburg will be a great opportunity to visit Vienna without leaving home. The more that the music director and conductor of our performance - the famous Austrian musician Peter Guth, who is recognized as one of the best experts on the works of Strauss. We promise dizziness and delight from the music of Johann Strauss and hope that the "Viennese Blood" will popple not only artists, but also in the audience. "

Staging group:

On the motives of the libretto by Victor Léon and Leo Stein

Russian text - Semyon Altov

Lyrics -  Victor Krivonos

Stage director - laureate of the State Prize of Russia Igor Konyaev

Musical director and conductor - Peter Guth (Austria)

Conductor - Maksim Alekseev

Director - Honored Actress of Russia Alla Semak

Stage Designer - Olga Shaishmelashvili

Choreographer - Maria Korableva

Lighting Designer - Denis Solntsev

Chorus master - Alexey Nefedov

Characters and Performers:

Prince Ypsheim-Gindelbach, Prime Minister

Alexander Krukovsky

Count Baldwin Tsedlau, Speaker of the Parliament

Oleg Korz

Fedor Osipov

Gabriele, Countess Tsedlau, Viennese aristocrat

Kseniya Grigoryeva 

laureate of International competitions

Katazhina Matskevich

laureate of "Golden sofit" award,

laureate of International competitions

Natalia Savchenko

laureate of International competition

Franziska Cagliari, nightclub dancer

Oksana Krupnova

laureate of International competition

Karina Chepurnova

laureate of "Golden Sofit" award,

laureate of International competitions

Daddy Kugler, her father, a former musician

Andrey Matveev

honoured artist of Russia

Joseph, secretary of Count

Alexander Lenogov

laureate of International competition

Vladimir Sadkov

laureate of International competition

Pepi Pleininger, employee of the Fashion house

Anna Bulgak
laureate of International competition

Tamara Kotova
laureate of International competition

Anastasia Loshakova
laureate of International competitions

Count Bitovski, rich foreigner

Ivan Korytov

laureate of "Golden Mask" award

Alexander Shaporov


Vitaly Golovkin

Anton Stepanov (artist of chorus)

Anna, the maid

Viktoria Vyatkina (artist of ballet)

Elena Usanova (artist of ballet)

Lizzie, actress

Chulpan Aymetova (artist of chorus)

Maria Makaeva (artist of chorus)

Lori, actress

Ekaterina Maksimova (artist of chorus)

Yulia Shereshovetz (artist of chorus)

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