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Swan lake (Theatre Russian Ballet)

Ballet by P.I. Tchaikovsky in three acts ()

Performance has no restrictions by age
Big stage

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"Swan Lake" is one of the most famous Russian ballets with music by P.Tchaikovsky. The performance is presented by Russian ballet theatre of St.Petersburg and is accompanied by symphonic orchestra.

The Russian Ballet theatre was created in 1990 by a family of professional actors and soloists of the Mariinsky Theatre. For 24 years the troupe has successfully presented the art of the Russian ballet to residents and foreign guests on the best stages of St. Petersburg. 

Artists of the Russian Ballet theatre are all graduates of the well-known Academy of the Russian ballet named after A.Vaganova. We adhere to strict observance of the principles of movement, expressiveness and the spiritual creativity of the unique charm of dance. Experts unmistakably recognize the validity of our adhering to the past principles of the Russian classical ballet school during our performances. The Russian Ballet theatre keeps alive the unique spirit and traditions of execution of the Imperial Mariinsky (Kirov) theatre. As a result of our long-term work and distinguished choreographic style, we preserve the glory of old Saint-Petersburg classical masterpieces and ensure our audiences are transported back to a glorious past.

We are proud to have performed in more than twenty countries around the world including the United States, France, Holland, Spain, Japan, China, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Estonia and many others.

Our stage sets, colorful costumes, beautiful stage curtains, create the perfect ambiance in which to enjoy the most authentic Russian Ballets that faithfully adhere to the glorious age of Petipa and Tchaikovsky. We make sure our dancing matches our perfect sets. 

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