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Once upon a New Year's eve

Performance for children
New Year`s Fantasy "Once upon a New Year's eve" ()
Opening night of the performance took place on 27th of December 2014
The performance is recommended for viewers aged 6 and above
Studio stage

This fairy tale invented specifically for the St. Peterburg Theatre of Musical Comedy, is a great gift for young viewers during the New Year holidays.

Under the New year's eve a little boy Nick becomes a hero  of incredible adventures. In a magical night in mysterious ways his dream comes true: as in the famous film "Home Alone"  - his parents mysteriously disappear and boy stays on his own. Hooray - now do not have to brush your teeth, go to bed on time and do the boring lessons! However, the joy of independent life fades soon: suddenly it turns out that the parents are disappear not only from him. And generally very strange things begin to occur around...

Sponsored by Delzell FoundationInc.   

Staging group:

Libretto - Boris Ivushin

Stage Director - Honoured Artist of Russia Alla Semak

Music director and conductor - Honoured Artist of Russia Andrey Alexeev

Director  - Dmitry Turkov

Production Designer - Sofya Tyuremnova

Choreographers - Vladimir Romanovsky, Alexandra Vakhter

Music of E.Grieg, P.Tchaikovsky, S.Rachmaninov, D.Shostakovich, V. Rebikov will be used in the performance.

Characters and Performers:

Santa Claus, Junk dealer, Executioner, Traveler, Magician, Ghost

Igor Shumaev


Vitaly Golovkin

Stunt Man

Ivan Korytov

laureate of "Golden Mask" award


Maria Elizarova

laureate of International competition

First banker

Anton Stepanov (artist of chorus)

Second banker

Viktor Chubarov

Crested goose

Yaroslav Shvarev

Rusty shovel

Tatyana Veremey

Fat man

Sergey Braga

laureate of International competition


Dmitry Petrov
laureate of International competition

First guard

Anton Stepanov (artist of chorus)

Second guard

Viktor Chubarov


Valery Matveev

national artist of Russia

The owner of the circus

Dmitry Petrov
laureate of International competition


Tatyana Taranetz
laureate of International competition,
laureate of "Golden Sofit" Award


Yaroslav Shvarev

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