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The end of the tour in Petrozavodsk

The Theatre of musical comedy at the first time presented its performances in Petrozavodsk: three classical operettas "Silva" by I. Kalman, "Count of Luxembourg" by F. Lehar, "Cin Ci La, or Lessons of Love" by K. Lombardo and V. Ranzato, as well as a Gala Concert of operetta stars.

The audience of the Musical Theater of the Republic of Karelia, thanks to its vast and diverse repertoire, is well acquainted with the operetta. Therefore, it was especially nice to see how warmly the performances were received by such a sophisticated audience. Stormy applause and cries of bravo sounded after each show, and at the end of the gala concert the hall stood up and gave a standing ovation.

We thank the Musical Theater of the Republic of Karelia for hospitality and a warm welcome, as well as the International Theater Olympiad 2019 project, thanks to which the tour took place.

Special thanks we want to say to the Theater Olympiad for excellent professional broadcasts of all our performances, which gave joy and pleasure to thousands of spectators on the other side of the screen.

You can watch the broadcasts here: "Silva"     "Count of Luxembourg"      "Cin Ci La, or Lessons of Love"      Gala concert of operetta stars

The shows in Petrozavodsk completed the theater’s autumn tour marathon.