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Dmitriev Dmitry

Was born in Leningrad. He graduated from the School of Russian drama (department of drama and cinema actors) organized by Saint-Petersburg theatre arts academy (course of professor I.O. Gorbachev). In 2003 after graduating from course of studies he was invited in theatre of musical comedy.

During a short time he has performed in roles: Embroze (“Hello, Dolly!” J. German), Matt Hacklby (“Romantic” H. Shmidt), participated in ensemble show-fantasy “Not like the others” A. Petrov and A. Kalvarsky, and also performed in productions that are running at present time.

Nowadays in his repertoire: Peter (“Viennese Meetings” I. Strauss), Huckleberry Finn (“Adventures of Tom Sawyer” S. Banevich), participant of ensemble “I do not such country like this…” M. Aptekman, Fredy (“Baroness Lili” J. Huzska), Tony and Secretary (“Mister X” and “Bayader” I. Kalman), Skomorokh ("Levsha" V. Dmitriev), Dickon ("The Secret Garden" S. Banevich), Second gunman-enforcer ("Kiss me, Kate!" C. Porter), Rzhevsky ("The Bondmaid" N. Strelnikov), Rakhmet ("Sevastopol waltz" K. Listov).