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Debut in the role

On the 22nd of November laureate of International competition Natalia Savchenko will play the part of Hanna Glawari in operetta "The Merry widow" by F. Lehar for the first time.

Laureate of the "Golden Sofit" award

The winners of the Highest theatre award of Saint-Petersburg “Golden Sofit” 2016/2017 are announced. 

Nomination  "Best Actor in operetta and musical"Vladimir Sadkov for the role of Mercury in operetta "Orpheus in the Underworld" by J. Offenbach. 


23 November, thursday
Mister X
24 November, friday
Summer of love
25 November, saturday
Baroness Lili
26 November, sunday
Performance-concert "Hits from Broadway and the whole world..."
28 November, tuesday
Viennese Blood
29 November, wednesday
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