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Premiere of the performance

April 27-29 The Musical Comedy Theater presents the Russian premiere of the play based on one of the most popular Italian operettas by Virgilio Ranzato and Carlo Lombardo "Cin Ci La".


On March 19, Theater of Musical Comedy concludes the scenic story of a large-scale musical play "The Hollywood Diva". It will be the 100th show.

Premiere of the performance

On March 17 and 18, on the Small Stage of the theatre the premiere of the musical comedy for children "Tom Sawyer" by Sergey Banevich will take place. 

Tickets are already on sale.

Hollywood diva
18 March, sunday
Hollywood diva
19 March, monday
Bely. Petersburg
23 March, friday
Viennese Blood
24 March, saturday
Premiere! Tom Sawyer
25 March, sunday
Hits of Broadway-2. On the scene and on the screen.
25 March, sunday
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