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Operetta Park. Mister X.

A musical fantasy in one act to the music of Imre Kalman

Buy tickets                         Stage Director - Anna Osipenko

Musical Director and Conductor - Honored Artist of Russia Andrey Alekseev

The director of circus numbers - Anastasia Perepelitsyna

Choreographer - Vladimir Romanovsky

Artists - Maria Lucca, Alexander Mokhov

Scenographer - Irina Dolgova

Lighting Designer - Denis Solntsev

Directors - Sofia Krylova, Alexander Ponomarev

Producer of stunts and stage plastic - Maria Dobrovolskaya

Choirmaster - Evgeny Takmakov

Artist-animator - Anastasia Andreeva

Sound engineers - Vladimir Gurin, Grigory Rarog

Within the first musical and theatrical operetta festival under the open sky "Operetta-Park" on June 18, 2017, a musical fantasy "Mr. X" will be shown on the theme of the operetta of I. Kalman "The Princess of the Circus".

And if you think that you saw the performance on the stage of the Musical Comedy Theater, so you can not rush to Gatchina, you are a thousand times wrong. After all, specially for the festival, the creative team of the project is preparing a completely new performance, in which professional circus performers - acrobats, air gymnasts, stilts, clowns and jugglers will take part. Operetta about the love of a secular lady and a simple circus performer with a deadly number invariably attracts the audience to the theater halls. But very few join the circus to theatrical display. Including because, because such a large-scale spectacle can not afford to every theater.

Especially for the festival, musical score of the operetta was thoroughly revised in order to restore historical justice. After all, the regulars of the theater on Italian Street know perfectly well that the repertory long-liver - "Mr. X" was staged in the modern version based on the classic film with Georg Ots and many soloists of the musical comedy that glittered on her stage - the inimitable Glyceria Bogdanova-Chesnokova, the virtuoso Anatoly Korolkevich And the charming Zoya Vinogradova. Which is natural, recalling the success of the film, which has not lost its charm to this day.

Interactive overture with the participation of circus artists will bring the guests to the atmosphere of the circus of the beginning of the XX century. A special glamor will give effect to the defile of the high society audience, which will arrive in retro gigs. And couples dancing a waltz just above the spectators' heads, will help viewers feel themselves in the center of the unfolding events.

The magnificent Gatchina park ensemble with its shady avenues and picturesque water complex is especially beautiful in the summer. And a walk in the park can be a beautiful preamble of the play.

 The theater recommends: Arrive in advance, making a circle in the beautiful surroundings of the palace, or having a boat ride along lakes and canals, visit the imperial kindergarten, which is located behind the right wing of the palace. Here begins an interactive part of the musical and theatrical performance. The entrance of the audience to the theater will open at 19:00. The entrance to the park is free.

The performance is recommended for viewers over 6 years old