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MIXED EMOTIONS ( Michael Chekhov Riga Russian Theatre)

R. Baer

Tender Comedy

Translated by - Sergey Task

Staging Director - Leonid Trushkin

Designer - Boris Krasnov

Gennady Hazanov (Herman Lewis) and   Galina Rossiyskaya (Christine Millman

"То love all ages yield surrender…" Although sometimes it is not an immediate surrender because some people think that romance is in the past, and the idea to remarry, to put it mildly, has come to a wrong mind.
Christina and German are the two remaining halves of the two once happy couples. She was married to his best friend, he was married to her best friend. A year after the death of her husband Christina wants to move to the other side of the country, and Herman - Herman does not want to let her go...

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The performance is recommended for viewers aged 16 and above