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07 March 2018, Wednesday, 19:00
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performance-concert of stars of operetta

Musical Director and Conductor - Peter Guth (Austria)

Director - Sofia Krylova

Set Designer - Irina Dolgova

Choreographer - Vladimir Romanovsky

Lighting Designer - Denis Solntsev

On March 7-10, the Theater of Musical Comedy invites you to the merry, full of beautiful music and humor, the festive concerts of the operetta. On the main stage with the participation of the theater orchestra and leading soloists of the troupe, the outstanding Austrian musician Peter Guth will present the best fragments of the world repertoire in a light genre.

The first big festive concert, which absorbed the best of the golden age of the operetta, took place on the stage of the theater in 2008. And now for ten years every spring, on the eve of the 8 March holiday, the theater waits in its hall of beautiful spectators - wives, girlfriends, daughters, loved ones, to give them a musical gift.

Soloists of the troupe, as well as outstanding vocalists from the best theaters in the world, with the participation of ballet dancers, will make up a beautiful bouquet of enchanting music by Franz Lehar flavored with mischievous passages from the works of Imre Kalman and the delightful dance tunes of Johann Strauss.

Waltzes and polka, duets and solo arias from the famous works of the operetta masters will unite in a festive musical whirlwind with unknown, previously not-sounded in Russia fragments of K.Circer and N.Dostal's works and other authors never presented on the Russian stage.

Due to the fact that seating of musicians at concerts is carried out not in the orchestra pit, but on stage, music lovers will have a great opportunity to get to know the beautiful orchestra of the theater. By the way, maestro Peter Guth, who is also a touring violinist, will necessarily replace during the concert a conductor's baton for the violin and perform several pieces together with the orchestra.

The concert will be attended by the leading soloists of the Budapest Operetta and Musical Theater (Hungary) - as already admired by their virtuosic performance of the most complicated acrobatic stunts and the indescribable Magyar temperament, as well as the new ones in Russia.

Characters and Performers:

Soloists of the Budapest Operetta and Musical Theater (Hungary)

Bori Kállay
Zsolt Vadász
Frankó Tünde
Péter Laki
Szilvi Szendy
Anita Lukács
Gábor Dézsy Szabó

Soloists of the St. Petersburg Theater of Musical Comedy


Olga Lozovaya
honoured actress of Russia

Oksana Krupnova
laureate of International competition

Katazhina Matskevich
laureate of "Golden sofit" award,
laureate of International competitions

Karina Chepurnova
laureate of "Golden Sofit" award,
laureate of International competitions

Alexander Lenogov
laureate of International competition

Fedor Osipov
laureate of International competition

Oleg Romashin 
laureate of International competition

Vladimir Sadkov
laureate of International competition

Vladimir Yarosh
laureate of International competition

Victoria Moun

Oleg Korzh

Choir, ballet and orchestra of the St. Petersburg Theater of Musical Comedy


The performance is recommended for viewers aged 6 and above