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Operetta Park. International Gala-concert of operetta stars.

19 June 2017, Monday, 20:00

Buy tickets                                                                                             Stage Director - Anna Osipenko

Musical Director and Conductor - Honored Artist of Russia Andrey Alekseev

The director of circus numbers - Anastasia Perepelitsyna

Choreographer - Vladimir Romanovsky

Artists - Maria Lucca, Alexander Mokhov

Scenographer - Irina Dolgova

Lighting Designer - Denis Solntsev

Directors - Sofia Krylova, Alexander Ponomarev

Producer of stunts and stage plastic - Maria Dobrovolskaya

Choirmaster - Evgeny Takmakov

Artist-animator - Anastasia Andreeva

Sound engineers - Vladimir Gurin, Grigory Rarog

At the end of the first musical and theatrical operetta festival under the open sky "Operetta-Park" on June 19, 2017, there will be a gala concert of operetta stars.

Concert hits operetta, for which will be collected only the best and favorite numbers and arias from the classical works of the world operetta repertoire will be the final chord of the three-day theatrical marathon. "The Bat" and "Bayadere", "Merry Widow" and "Countess Maritza", as well as many other names will be presented by the leading soloists of the theater.

As guests of the festival, the Theater of Musical Comedy is happy to present the stars of the Hungarian scene Maru Keikovich and Peter Lucky - an unsurpassed cascade couple, masterfully performing the most complicated tricks. In addition, one scene with the Russian stars of the genre will be released by amazing artists from Poland - Rafal Bartminski and Iolanta Wagner, who will present the Polish vocal school for the first time to the Petersburg audience.

The concert will be attended by the main guest conductor of the Theater of Musical Comedy Peter Gut (Austria) - one of the few conducting conductors in the world. His inimitable violin, which can suddenly change the conductor's baton in the hands of the maestro right during the musical number, made him a virtuoso conductor, famous throughout the world.

The magnificent Gatchina park ensemble with its shady avenues and picturesque water complex is especially beautiful in the summer. And a walk in the park can be a perfect preamble of the concert.

 The theater recommends: Arrive in advance, making a circle in the beautiful surroundings of the palace, or having a boat ride along lakes and canals, visit the imperial kindergarten, which is located behind the right wing of the palace. The entrance of the audience to the theater will open at 19:00. The entrance to the park is free.

Leading soloists of the Theater of Musical Comedy, artists of the choir and ballet of the theater take part in the concert.

Characters and Performers:
The invited soloists

Jolanta Wagner (Poland)

Rafal Bartminski (Poland)

Klaudia Katona (Hungary)

Laki Péter (Hungary)

Honored actors of Russia

Alina Alekseeva

Olga Lozovaya

Svetlana Lugova

Anton Oleynikov

Laureates of International Competitions

Maria Elizarova

Oksana Krupnova

Anastasia Loshakova

Elizaveta Olisova

Natalya Savchenko

Roman Vokuev

Andrey Danilov

Alexander Lenogov

Fedor Osipov

Dmitry Petrov

Vladimir Sadkov

Alexey Shtykov

Vladimir Yarosh

Laureate of the "Golden Mask" Award

Ivan Korytov

Soloists of the theatre

Victoria Mun

Alexander Krukovsky

Igor Shumaev


Artists of ballet take part in the performance

The performance is recommended for viewers over 6 years old