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"Undefeated Leningrad". PUBLIC CONCERT devoted to the Day of reversal of blockade of Leningrad

26 January 2017, Thursday, 11:00
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Stage director - laureate of the State Prize of Russia Igor Konyaev
Musical leader and conductor — Maksim Alekseev
Set Designer — Irina Dolgova
Light designer — Denis Solntsev
Animator — Anastasia Andreeva
Chorus master — Eugeny Takmakov
Director — Alexander Ponomarev

"Thank you, the great city,
front and rear merged together.
The unprecedented challenges
        He survived. Fought. Won.                                              

                                     Vera Inber

At the end of January on the stage of the St. Petersburg Theatre of Musical Comedy will be the traditional public concerts dedicated to the day of full lifting of the blockade of Leningrad.

The Siege of Leningrad - the tragic and heroic page in Russian history. Besieged city lived and fought: factories continued to produce military products, still working theaters, museums, not fall silent Leningrad radio, which were poets and writers.
Leningradites every effort to survive and not to die hometown. Moreover, Leningrad helped the army, releasing military equipment, proving to the world that the blockade will not destroy the city - it will continue to live and to win in this unequal fight!
The memory of the lives of those terrible days in the hearts of people, resonates in the talented works of art, passed from hand to hand descendants.
Theatre of Musical Comedy, worked 900 days of blockade in the hardest conditions of the siege, was able to show 15 Premier, give performances, even twice a day, to serve the hospitals and on the front line. He also made his heroic contribution to the victory over the enemy, trying to joke to distract citizens from the heavy thoughts, dragging their magic operetta.
At the concert the audience will not only see rare historical footage of life in the besieged city, they hear familiar songs of those years, as well as songs written by our contemporaries in honor of a feat of the Hero City.
The concert was attended by leading artists of the Musical Comedy Theatre, music sounds Y. Antonov, V. Basner, A. Kolker, E. Krylatov, I. Luba, G. Nosov, A. Petrov, V. Soloviev-Gray, I. Schwartz and others.

Characters and Performers:
National actors of Russia

Vera Vasilyeva

Honoured actors of Russia

Elena Zabrodina

Alexander Bayron
laureate of "Golden sofit" award

Laureates of International competitions

Maria Elizarova

Fedor Osipov

Dmitry Petrov


Roman Mezhov

Alexander Palekhov

The concert involved the chorus of the theatre

The performance is recommended for viewers aged 12 and above