Madame Pompadour

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Madame Pompadour

08 April 2017, Saturday, 19:00

Operetta in two acts by Leo Fall

directed by national artist of Hungarian Republic Miklos Szinetar
Libretto — Rudolf Sanzer and Ernst Velis
Edited by — Miklos Szinetar
Lyrics — Ludmila Mezentseva
Musical leader and conductor — Fabio Mastrangelo (Italy)
Conductor — Maksim Alekseev
Art-designer — laureate of National award of Russia, honoured worker of arts of Russia Alexander Orlov
Costume designer — Irina Cherednikova
Ballet master — Jeno Locsei (Hungary)
Chorus master — Alexey Nefedov

Opening night of the performance took place on 3rd of May 2008.

Career’s top of Austrian composer Leo Fall became operetta “Madame Pompadour” staged in Berlin on 10th of September 1922. On the stage of Saint-Petersburg Theatre of Musical comedy it was never performed before.
Intrigues of court, light flirting, rebel spirit increasing among population dissatisfied by reign of Ludovic XV, irony towards favourite of king, luxury of court life, love troubles of story are framed by stylish lyrical, sentimental and at the same time a little bit ironic musical drapery of waltzes, dancing duets and “cascades”. Operetta tells about charming and clever favourite of king, actually uncrowned queen, who according to the legend was illegitimate daughter of grandee of high rank – Jeanne Antoinette Puasson, marquise Pompadour. 
One day during king’s absence accompanied by faithful maidservant she runs away from luxurious apartments of palace hoping to meet man of her dream… And she succeeds in finding the one whom she could love with all her heart, but risky plans of marquise are disrupted by sudden king’s arrival from the hunt. It’s worth much for Madame Pompadour to get out from such situation, especially because her beloved beauty is husband of her suddenly found stepsister. And almighty marquise steps back… it’s her destiny till the end of life to be near the king…

Characters and Performers:
Marquise Pompadour

Alina Alekseeva

honoured actress of Russia

Svetlana Lugova

honoured artist of Russia,

laureate of "Golden Sofit" Award


Olga Lozovaya

honoured actress of Russia

Ekaterina Popova

laureate of International competition


Anna Bulgak

laureate of International competition

Valentina Mikhaylova

laureate of International competition

Ulia Moskalenko

laureate of International competition


Valery Matveev

national artist of Russia

Valery Nikitenko 

national artist of Russia

(Comedy Theatre n.a. N.P. Akimov)

Petr Tarenkov


Andrey Danilov

laureate of International competition

Sergey Grankvist

Fedor Osipov


Alexander Bayron

honoured artist of Russia,

laureate of "Golden sofit" award

Anton Oleynikov

honoured actor of Russia,

laureate of "Golden sofit" award


Vyacheslav Shtyps

honoured artist of Russia

Yaroslav Shvarev

Eugeny Tilicheev

honoured actor of Russia

Vladimir Yakovlev

national artist of Russia,

laureate of "Golden sofit" award


Ivan Korytov
laureate of "Golden mask" Award

Yaroslav Shvarev

Vladimir Yarosh

laureate of International competition


Albert Pankov

national actor of Russia

Victor Chubarov


Ivan Eremin

King of Egypt

Vitaly Golovkin

The performance is recommended for viewers aged 12 and above