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Operetta in three acts by Isaac Dunaevsky ()
Opening night of the performance took place on 1st of May 2014
The performance is recommended for viewers aged 12 and above
Big stage
20 December 2016, Tuesday, 19:00

"Grooms" is the second operetta by classic of this genre Isaac Dunaevsky. It brought the composer first real success in this genre. Although, he penned  "Grooms" for the Moscow Theater of Satire, but the presence of music and singing scared directors. They invited  I. Dunaevsky and G. Yaron to the meeting and offered to perform this play in Operetta Theatre. Composer finished writing a few arias, and the premiere held in 1927. The audience have liked cheerful witty production.  It was the emergence of the first successful Soviet operetta.  A famous actor Grigory Yaron recalled:  "...Homeric laughter and applause sounded during the whole performance".

  Provincial town during the NEP time. The innkeeper dies, leaving his young widow. Immediately, without waiting for the funeral, one after the other her suitors are explaining in mad love to her. In fact, this "crazy love" is not to an attractive and cheerful heroine, but to her legacy - the ownerless tavern. However in the midst of the competition for the right to marry a widow, her husband unexpectedly appears. He awoke from his lethargy in the church and has quietly returned to his wife...

Staging group:

Libretto by — N. Aduev and S. Antimonov
Stage version - Oleg Solod 
Stage director - National Artist of Russia Yuri Laptev
Musical leader and conductor — honoured artist of Russia Andrey Alekseev
Conductor - Maxim Alekseev 
Set designer - Sergey Spevyakin
Lighting designer - Vladimir Lukasevich 
Choreographer - Vladimir Romanovsky
Chorus Master - Alexey Nefedov
Director - Honored Artist of Russia Alla Semak


Characters and Performers:
Ivan Samsonych, the host of tavern

Eugeny Tilicheev

honoured actor of Russia

Agrafena Savvishna, his widow

Elena Zabrodina

Honoured actress of Russia

Efim Isaevich, cook

Dmitry Petrov

laureate of International competition

Filat Ignatyitch, undertaker

Vladimir Yakovlev

national artist of Russia,

laureate of "Golden Sofit" award

Ivan Kazimirovich Gus-Pleshakovsky, marker

Igor Shumaev


Vladimir Sadkov

laureate of International competition

Kupriyanych, cabman

Pavel Grigoryev

Father Valerian, the deacon

Aleksandr Krukovsky

Madame Pendrik

Olga Lozovaya

honoured actress of Russia


Zoya Vinogradova

national actress of Russia
laureate of "Golden mask" Award

Babkov, journeyman

Sergey Braga

laureate of International competition

Ermolai, journeyman

Denis Konovalov (artist of chorus)

Revenue inspector

Albert Pankov

national actor of Russia

Chairman of the house committee

Victor Chubarov


Tatyana Veremey


Alexandra Petrova