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03 November 2015, Tuesday, 12:00

Musical for children in two acts by Jakov Dubravin

Libretto  -  Valery Zimin
Lyrics - Victor Gin
Stage Director - Anastasia Udalova
Musical leader and conductor  - Honored Artist of Russia Andrey Alekseev
Stage designer - Anna Zak
Choreographer - Anna Antipova
Choirmaster - Oksana Tufanova

Opening night of the performance took place on 1st of February 2013

Musical fairytale "Shoo! Or stories of cat Philothey" was created in the 80's of the last century, by the Leningrad composer Jakov Dubravin on play by Valery Zimin and poems of Victor Gin.
This is famous musical tale is interesting for adults and children for many years.  This is a performance-parable about the homeless cats and cats abandoned by their owners or abandoned in the cold. But devotees animals still waiting for them, and believe that the owner must exist, and each of them will have a home, where it will be warm and cozy. "How good that you need someone, It's good that you made ??friends with the dream as well, you have in the heart the cheerful light of goodness" - so says to kittens the wise cat Philothey.
Along with the professional actors of the theatre of musical comedy in the play involved very young children.

Characters and Performers:

Dmitry Petrov
laureate of International competition


Alina Alekseeva
honoured actress of Russia


Ekaterina Popova

Aunt Shura

Marina Ulanova 

honoured actress of Russia


Victor Krivonos

National artist of Russia


Vitaly Golovkin


Ekaterina Popova


Tatiana Vasilyeva

honoured actress of Russia


Tatiana Veremey

Children and Cats

actors of the St. Petersburg Music and Drama Theatre "The Blue Bird"

The performance is recommended for viewers aged 6 and above