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Premiere of the performance

Imagine a classic French resort in the middle of the 20th century: a luxurious city in the lap of unique nature - a corner of relaxation of the French bourgeoisie and, a little earlier, aristocracy. The smells of roses elegantly rhyme here with the aromas of expensive perfume, and the luxurious diamonds on the fingers and décolleté of their hostesses playfully compete in purity with fine wines in crystal glasses.
As usual, the crunch of banknotes and the sound of gold turn out to be extraordinarily attractive for all kinds of thieves and thieves. And it is here that the case reduces the three scammers-losers, the bored English aristocratic with young nieces and the family of Parisian bourgeois. Some came to live well. Others - not so much in order to improve their health, but in order to arrange profitable parties for the girls and establish a shaky business.

And now the thieves' pockets are full of expensive trinkets, but the theft is revealed, and the heroes are waited for by an unexpected turn. Does justice triumph?
The unexpected finale, to which the author leads his characters - the famous French playwright Jean Anouy (1910–1987), will take on all his plays of the early “pink” period, including the “Ball of Thieves”. The theater of musical comedy could not pass by this lyrical comedy, which successfully combined the features characteristic of the comedy of positions: a lot of spectacular episodes with forgery, comic deceptions, change of masks and almost detective intrigue.

By order of the theater, Alexander Pantykin, a well-known Russian composer, Honored Artist of Russia, wrote a musical score for the future performance, which read Anuya’s play as a recipe for human happiness: “You can steal diamonds, steal money, steal documents or anything else - and sit down for that to jail. Sit back, go free and start your way again. But what to do if you robbed your life, deprived her of love, true friendship, human warmth and much that makes anyone happy. "Ball of Thieves" Anuya - this is a play about such hapless people who robbed themselves and, in fact, lost everything. And only a strong feeling called LOVE can make them change their ideas and change their destiny. Stop robbing yourself and become happy! ”

The performance will be carried out by the People’s Artist of Russia Andrei Zhitinkin: “In his works, Jean Anouille touches on eternal truths, which we recall today seem incredibly relevant to us. Much of what happens to the heroes of the comedy "Ball of Thieves" will be close to the audience in the hall. After all, we live in a world that has been experiencing a global financial crisis in recent years, income levels are falling, causing embezzlement, including public, in major museums. And with all this, looking at those who managed to achieve fantastic financial well-being - at the modern oligarchs - it is obvious that money does not guarantee happiness. One can not agree with the ancients, who argued that nothing on earth could be stolen, can only be moved. In the world of wealth with a not take it away, and valuable is only what remains from us in the hearts of people. Therefore, we will talk about real feelings, which only have a true price. ”

The famous Russian designer and fashion designer Andrei Sharov, who knows firsthand about the intricacies of the style and secrets of French charm, lived for several years in the high-fashion capital of France as the author of the decoration of the performance. A student of Slava Zaitsev, a successful fashion designer, a sought-after theater artist, he created a collection of images, especially for the production of the Theater of Musical Comedy, each of which is a complete work of art.

Musical Director and Conductor - Honored Artist of Russia maestro Andrei Alekseev.

Choreographer -  Vladimir Romanovsky.

The performance will be attended by: People’s Artist of Russia Valery Matveev, Honored Artists of Russia Elena Zabrodina, Valentina Kosobutskaya, Alexander Bayron, Anton Oleynikov, Evgeny Tilicheev, Honored Artist of Ukraine Oleg Fleer, laureates of international competitions Anna Bulgak, Anastasia Loshakova, Maria Elizarova, Elizaveta Olisova, Alexey Shtykov, Vladimir Yarosh, Roman Vokuev, Ivan Korytov, Alexander Lenogov, Vladimir Sadkov, Alexander Krukovsky, Vitaly Golovkin.

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