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Premiere of the performance

1922. Time of education Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. The end of the civil war. The Far East joined the RSFSR. New power began active development of remote areas. A young Komsomol member, Nastya Glazkova, goes to the farthest corner of Soviet Russia - to Chukotka - to build a “Soviet paradise”. But the reality turns out to be harsher than in Nastya’s dreams: permafrost, illiterate Chukchi, foreigners who trick up buying precious furs for nothing, and Timofey Ivanovich Khramov, a former tsarist customs official, who protects Stenson’s American warehouses.

Not afraid of difficulties, an enterprising girl collects a million dollars tax from foreigners, which at that time was a fortune (by 1922, one dollar was worth 2,083 rubles, and in 1923, the exchange rate soared to an unthinkable mark of 2.35 million rubles). Dreams of a hot paradise in the country of permafrost almost become a reality, but fate has prepared for the heroes many more tests, the most important of which is the test of love. Nastya has a hard choice to make: what is above all - a moral duty or personal happiness?

The musical “One million worth girl” was written by Maxim Leonidov and Honored Artist of the Russian Federation Alexander Shavrin based on the screenplay of Vladimir Valutsky and Viktor Viktorov “Head of Chukotka”. The story of the young scribe and the difficult attempt to build communism in the Far North has undergone dramatic changes. The authors turned the old Soviet comedy into a no less ridiculous and fascinating musical performance.

“I like the film by Vitaly Melnikov,” comments Maxim Leonidov. “But we redid a lot: we have a girl going to Chukotka, and we replaced the Komsomol naivety with a love story. For us in the “Chief of Chukotka” the main thing is that this is a story about conscience, about the fact that it is impossible to steal, that you cannot take money earned at customs, and steal it ”.

According to the director Andrey Noskov, “One million worth girl” is first of all a story about love, a dream, that you can meet your destiny even in the High North: “This is a story about a man who is ready to go for his dream to the end of the world, in the country of northern lights and permafrost, who believes in a better future and acts as the heart tells it. Our performance is permeated with Russian spirit, Russian humor and, to some extent, Russian insouciance”.

The music, written by Maxim Leonidov, is represented in the play by various genres: from Russian and Chukchi melodies to Soviet patriotic motifs and jazz melodies. Volumetric scenery, video and 3D-effects, original costumes, worked on by the Chief artist of the Theater of Musical Comedy Irina Dolgova - all of this will allow the viewer to travel around the world, following the characters from Soviet Moscow to the snowy Chukotka, from distant San Francisco the roaring twenties Hot Cape Town, through industrial Hamburg to Petrograd since the NEP.

Maxim Leonidov is not only an author of music and the idea of a performance, but also a performer of one of the main roles.

“In this musical, the audience will meet the composer Leonidov and the actor Leonidov, who is different from the singer Leonidov,” Andrey Noskov says. - As the author of music - it is an inexhaustible fountain! Each of his melody is a completely unpredictable musical structure, enchanting, colorful, bright. And as an actor - Maxim is very talented! I believe that there is no such character on our Petersburg musical scene - this is of Russian barin. It will be a kind of reference to character of Nikita Mikhalkov in the film “Cruel Romance”.

Elena Bakhtiyarova, Vera Sveshnikova, Natalia Dievskaya, Manana Gogitidze, Vladimir Yarosh, Evgeny Zaytsev and others are also involved in the performance.

Poignant story, swift and unpredictable, a large number of diverse characters, rich visual component, a lot of good music and humor - everyone will find something in this show.

Composer - Maxim Leonidov            Stage Director - Andrey Noskov                 Musical Director and Conductor - Alexey Nefedov

Production Designer - Irina Dolgova              Choreographer - Olga Prikhudaylova

The premiere will be held on February 8, 9, and 10, 2019Buy tickets