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Premiere of the performance

Presenting a new spectacle for spectators, the Theater of Musical Comedy continues to acquaint admirers and fans of the genre of the operetta with the best examples of the world repertoire. For the first time in Russia, the theater will show a light Italian lyrical comedy with unobtrusive morality and elements of satire.

The new production will unfold in the fashionable early 20th century scenery of an exotic country - in Macao - a Portuguese colony within the Chinese Empire on the coast of the South China Sea. In the center of events - Chinese Mandarin and full of cute misunderstandings "consequences" of the wedding of his beloved daughter.

For several days, Macau residents are waiting for a gun shot, announcing the completion of the traditional ritual of "the first wedding night" Chun-ki-hsing and the beginning of a cheerful city holiday. The coming morning (already the fifth after the wedding) does not bring relief ... The ritual is not over again ... The tempted "lady of the half-light" Chin Chi La agrees unexpectedly arrived in Macau from Paris ... But, according to the laws of the genre, her arrival will open new, completely unexpected circumstances, which will lead to an unpredictable finale ...

The funny, at first glance, slightly frivolous and "sharp-tongued" story, in fact, makes you think about eternal values: about love, about the relationship of parents and children, about false dogmas and unnecessary taboos in sexual education ... And a fashionable idea in the past - The East meets the West - and, as a consequence, the inevitable clash of mentality, today are fully consistent with the realities of the 21st century.

Director-director - People's Artist of Russia Oleg Levakov

Musical Director and Conductor - Honored Artist of Russia Andrey Alekseev

Scenography of the People's Artist of Russia Vyacheslav Okunev

Choreography by Vladimir Romanovsky 

The following people take part in the play: NA Russia Vladimir Yakovlev, Z.A. Russia Anton Oleynikov, z.a. Ukraine Oleg Fleur, laureates of International competitions Tamara Kotova, Oksana Krupnova, Karina Chepurnova, Roman Vokuyev, Alexander Lenogov, Vladimir Yarosh, actress Victoria Moon and others, as well as artists of the choir and ballet of the theater.

About the authors:
Virgilio Ranzato (Venice, 1883 - Como, 1937) is an Italian composer and violinist. At the beginning of the creative path he collaborated with the theater "La Scala", when the lead conductor was Arturo Toscanini. Ranzato is the author of seventy works for the violin and the opera The Bells of War. But two operettas, written in collaboration with Carlo Lombardo: "The Country of Bells" (1923) and "Chin Chi La" (1925), brought him greatest fame. It is these works that are certified to this day as the best examples of an easy genre. Music in them is gorgeous, caresses the ear, captures and surprises with its cheerfulness. Rantzato's legacy is well preserved thanks to his many years of cooperation with the famous company Pathé, whose efforts have been carried out recording his performance both as a violinist and as a conductor.

Carlo Lombardo dei Baroni Lombardo di San Chirico (Naples, 1869 - Milan, 1959) - the most famous Italian impresario, comedian, librettist, publisher and author of musical works in the genre pasticcio (compilation of music by other composers). He worked under numerous pseudonyms. And his publishing house Lombardo Editore continues to publish notes for operettas to this day.

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