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KEVIN Tarte IN CONCERT "Hits of Broadway"

St. Petersburg Theatre of Musical Comedy presents on the stage the Lensovet Palace of Culture concert

 "Hits from Broadway and the whole world..."

November 1, 2016

Three seasons of success! No critique! Only the enthusiasm of spectators!

Three years ago, in November 2013, the wind of legendary Broadway came to the stage of St. Petersburg Theatre of musical comedy. The premiere of multimedia musical show "Hits of Broadway" was hold. For the first time a unique concert was shown in St. Petersburg, included  major musical jewels of world musicals by leading actors of the genre of Moscow and St. Petersburg. Over the past three seasons, he amassed an army of fans.

"Chicago" and "Cabaret", "Jekyll and Hyde" and "The Count of Monte Cristo," "Mamma Mia!" and "Moulin Rouge" - only high-profile name and the famous arias, familiar even to those who have not seen a single performance in musical genre, more than 150 times had took the viewer into a world of passion and love, hope and frustration, friendship and rivalry...

Concert seeing thousands of spectators in St. Petersburg and other Russian cities and abroad. More than fifty musical numbers were performed during the three years of concert hire, including in the original language. Unchanged were and remain firm sign of the concert - live sound, unique panoramic scenery and indomitable energy of the performers, charging the audience from the first minute.

Kevin Tarte

All past Summer stars of Musical Ivan Ozhogin, Rostislav Kolpakov, Ivan Korytov, Igor Krol, Agata Vavilova, Natalia Dievskaya, Vera Sveshnikova delighted fans with new music rooms and unexpected ways in the "Hits of Broadway".

November, 1 to the third anniversary from the date of the premiere, Theatre of musical comedy presents the most unusual and original version of the concert on the stage of the Lensoveta Palace of Culture. New stage solutions, new names, new artists and, of course, the favorite songs - all the best and interesting will gather in a large program "Hits from Broadway and the whole world..."

As expected on the birthday, a concert will be full of surprises. The organizers have prepared for the many fans of the genre a real gift - only in this evening on the same stage with your favorite singers the star of European musicals and one of the most famous "vampire" of Europe KEVIN TARTE will take place. He is the person who was chosen by Roman Polanski for the role of Count von Krolock into the first German production of "Tanz der Vampire" in 2000 in Stuttgart. Kevin played this part in more than 1000 performances during more than 10 years. It can rightly be called "long-lived" among vampires of Jim Steinman. At the concert he will perform the most famous arias from popular European musicals.

The November "Hits" will be the grand final point in a series of musical performances, for three seasons, with great success on their way to the scene of Theatre of Musical Comedy.In fact, after the resumption of the cult musical "Tanz der Vampire" its actors have become famous not only in Russia but also abroad will leave St. Petersburg for a long time. Concert will return to the stage of the Theatre is not as fast as we would like its many fans ...

The concert involved the orchestra, chorus and ballet of the Theatre of Musical Comedy

Beginning at 19.00.                                                                                                    Buy a ticket