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Performances in Ekaterinburg

In the jubilee, 90th season, the St. Petersburg Theater will present on the stage its youngest brother and colleague in the workshop - the legendary Sverdlovsk Theater of Musical Comedy, a kind of creative cut of a large repertoire billboard, which includes today is the loudest names of the world repertoire of the classical operetta and musical.

The tour will be open on 5 November by "Bely.Petersburg" by Gennady Trostyanetsky to the music of Georgy Firtich - a performance laureate of the Prize of the Government of St. Petersburg, the Golden Mask and Golden Sofit awards. At the heart of the mystery performance the novel "Petersburg" by one of the outstanding writers of the Silver Age, Andrei Bely, in the modern adaptation of the playwright Konstantin Rubinsky. The performance, filled with the sharp and snapping music of the avant-gardist Firtich, combined with the paradoxical direction of Trostyanetsky, was the event of the Russian musical and theatrical season 2016-2017. And the performer of the leading role of Senator Ableukhov, People's Artist of Russia Victor Krivonos deservedly collected a whole collection of professional awards.

On November 6 and 7, on the main stage of the Sverdlovsk Theater of Musical Comedy, a theatrical concert "Hits of Broadway" featuring the musical stars of the two capitals will be presented. In the multimedia show, which combines spectacular ballet numbers, incendiary melodies and vivid images, the anthology of the golden era of the musical from its early, most successful samples to modern super-hits is presented. In combination with the unique energy of actors, the evening in the company of the musical turns into a real holiday of the genre.

On November 8, the premiere of the season 2017-2018 - the Italian operetta Carlo Lombardo and Virgilio Ranzato "Cin Ci La", staged for the first time in Russia, will be shown on the main stage of the Ekaterinburg Theater. Piquant and funny comedy about what is fraught with excessive parental care in matters of child rearing, played out at the beginning of the XX century in the decorations of an exotic country, flooded with foreigners. The interpenetration of the traditions of different cultures, the parody of blind xenophilia and the fashionable entertainment of a fast-paced century of discovery - cinematography united in a motley kaleidoscope of scenic positions in this operetta, which has yet to be seen by a wide audience.

On the same day a monoproject of the star of musicals Lika Rulla "Monologues about love", staged by one of the successful directors of the modern theater space - Alexei Frantetti, will be shown on the small stage. The performance is based on songs from the repertoire of L. Gurchenko, A. Pugacheva, P. Leshchenko, Dalida, M. Rodovich, Zh. Rozhdestvenskaya, the group "City 312", "Zero", as well as verses by M. Tsvetaeva, R. Rozhdestvensky and B. Akhmadulina. Lika Rulla is a Moscow actress who performed the main roles in such sensational productions as CHICAGO, Graf Orlov, Anna Karenina, etc., for her role as Gloria Mills in the performance of the Theater of the Musical Comedy "Hollywood Diva" was nominated for the "Golden Mask" Award.

One more production in the genre of classical operetta - "Summer of Love" by the Hungarian composer Lajos Laitai will be shown. Ekaterinburg viewers will see it on the main stage on November 9. A charming love story in which both parents and their grown-up children, and even annoying relatives find their happiness, has repeatedly been enthusiastically received by spectators from different cities - from Karaganda to Sevastopol. The performance, intended for family viewing, leaves a charming aftertaste after viewing, as it should be with an easy-hearted operetta. It is no coincidence that the performance was awarded by the professional jury of the St. Petersburg Golden Sofit Award as the "Best Performance in the Operetta" genre of the 2014-2015 season.

On November 10 Gala concert of the operetta with the participation of leading troupe soloists will take place. Conductor - the main guest conductor of the St. Petersburg Theatre of Musical Comedy, the owner of the Golden Medal of Vienna, maestro Peter Guth (Austria).