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Tarenkov Petr

Born in Leningrad. In 1978 graduated from Chorus school established by Leningrad state choir named after M.I. Glinka, and in 1984 – from Leningrad state institute of theatre, music and cinema named after N.K. Cherkasov (department of musical comedy actors, vocal pedagogue – Z. Emelyanova).
During 1991 – 1994 years he worked in theatre “Sankt-Peterburg Opera” where he was singing leading parts in operas “Rita” G. Donizetti (Beppo), “The Secret Marriage” D. Cimarosa (Paolino), “Falcon” D. Bortnyansky (Federiko), “Orfey” E. Fomin (Orfey).

In Leningrad theatre of musical comedy he worked with interruptions: in 1987-1991, 1997-2002 and then from 2004. During this time he performed following parties: Midas “Beautiful Galathea” F. Zuppe), Count Danilo (“The Merry Widow” F. Lehar), Radjami, Mister X, Edvin, Layosh (“Bayader”, “Mister X”, “The Csardas Princess” and “The Gypsy virtuoso” I. Kalman), Gorechky (“Sudba-indeyka” S. Banevich), Jesten (Ball at the Savoy” P. Abraham).

Today his repertoire includes: Saphir (“Bluebeard” J. Offenbach), Edvin, Radjami and Negresko, Manager of the theatre (“Silvia”, “Bayader”, “The Duchess from Chicago” and "The Violet of Montmartre" I. Kalman), Duke (“The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” S. Banevich), Shnek (“The Bird Seller” C. Zeller), Gustl von Laudeg ("Spring Parade" R. Stolz), Sir Archibald ("The Secret Garden" S. Banevich), Massacho ("Gasparone" C. Millocker), Zhiharev ("The Bondmaid" N. Strelnikov).

In 1997 was performing part of Genrich Aisenstein in operetta by J. Strauss “The Bat” on the stage of Theatre of opera and ballet named after M.P. Musorgsky.