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Losev Sergey
Honoured actor of Russia

Was born in Leningrad. He took a great interest in acting already on the first school grades. He has been studying in various theatrical schools and courses during all his school years. After graduating from school in 1966 he entered to mathematic-mechanical faculty of Leningrad University where he was studying till 1971. During those years in the University was organized wonderful Theatre studio in which Sergey Losev was actually studying.

In 1971 Sergey Losev had entered to Leningrad state institute of theatre, music and cinema n.a. N.K. Cherkasov on acting faculty which he completed in 1975, and immediately he was engaged in the company of Academic comedy theatre n.a. N.P. Akimov. Five years later he went on to the company of Big Drama Theatre n.a. A.M. Gorky, to this very day he is an actor of this theatre, he has played on its stage more than 35 roles.

As an actor with exceptional comic talent he performed in Leningrad, in theatre-studio “Chetvertaya stena” in the middle of 1970th and revealed himself as a wonderful actor of “skit” genre.

During 1986-89 years Sergey Losev was teaching acting techniques in Institute of Culture n.a. N.K. Krupskaya, and during 1995-2003 years – in the center of aesthetic education of St.-Petersburg University.

He is acting in movies a lot. His most well-known works in cinema are: “Whit Monday” (1990), “The Plane Flies to Russia” (1992), “The House of Hope” (2000), “Brezhnev” (2006).

In 1997 Sergey Losev was given the honorary rank of “Honoured actor of Russia”.

In 2010 he was invited to the company of St.-Petersburg theatre of Musical comedy for performing in production “The Bondmaid”. He has performed successfully in part of count Kutaysov and now he is working on the part of Frosh in operette by J. Strauss “The Bat”.